Getting to Cambodia during COVID-19 outbreak: Cambodia Travel Guide #COVID19

Cambodia Covid19 Travel Guide

Covid-19 is daunting every person in the world. It has raised fear and anxiety as to whether it is safe to travel to another country. So before going to Cambodia, whether for education, business or recreational purposes, here’s the latest COVID related travel guide and learn about new entry requirements before finally booking a flight. 

Is Cambodia a safe country to visit/stay during Covid-19 Pandemic? 

The struggle in grappling to curb the sheer number of infected cases and death rate is not as critical in Cambodia.  

Among Southeast Asian countries with Covid-19, Cambodia has one of the lowest number of virus infections, alongside a high percentage of recovery rate with still, no deaths recorded. Cambodia also ranked ninth out of the eleven ASEAN countries on the assessment of health security and capacity and has been labeled “more prepared” for epidemics or pandemics.  

With low rate of community transmission and high migrant cases, the Cambodian lifestyle played a vital role in preventing the spread of Covid-19. The modes of transportation are mostly open-air, religious activities are not held in enclosed churches, and the climate is extremely warm—it’s an open-air society. The government administration has also equipped the major international airports and borders with thermal scanners and quarantine teams. 

Is my country restricted/not restricted from entering Cambodia? 

The Cambodian government has already lifted its travel restrictions making it possible for almost all foreigners to enter the country again, hence following the healthcare and quarantine scheme. However, just recently, Cambodia has imposed the following entry restrictions on all incoming travelers:

  • Cambodia has suspended its visa exemption policy for all ASEAN nationals, including Singaporeans.
  • Cambodia has suspended the e-visa and visa-on-arrival until further notice.
  • Cambodian Embassies only accept visa applications for diplomatic, official, sponsored or any business-related purposes, and will not issue tourist or other visas to enter Cambodia at this time.
  • Cambodia has already lifted its travel restrictions to some western countries but has recently suspended flights coming in from Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

Unlike several countries, the Cambodian government has announced to reopen the tourist attractions and all types of businesses including hotels, casinos, KTV bars, and other entertainment venues on the condition that they abide by the health and safety standards. 

Getting to Cambodia During Covid19 Outbreak

Getting to Cambodia During Covid19 Outbreak

New Entry Requirements

In response to Covid-19 pandemic, the Cambodian Ministry of Health has implemented strict protocols for foreigners wanting to enter the country.  

Before Entering Cambodia 

All foreigners must possess a health certificate in their home country which must be issued within 72 hours prior to the departure date. The certificate must state that the traveler is not infected by SARS-CoV-2 or Covid-19. In addition, the traveler must also acquire $2,000 USD of cash or a credit card with no less than $2,000 USD capacity, as well as $50,000 USD medical coverage of health insurance that can be purchased from Forte Insurance.

Issuance of Cambodian visa is currently not permitted via online and upon arrival. This means that in order to acquire a valid visa, you must go to a Cambodian embassy within your home country, otherwise you cannot enter Cambodia. 

These new entry requirements are to be presented upon arrival in Cambodian airports and borders, however it varies depending on the purpose of travel.  



Validation Application on Payment Guarantee/Invitation is to be applied for using a special lane at airports when entering Cambodia. Apply for a Validation Certificate on Payment Guarantee/Invitation here 

Travelers coming in with sponsorship will be exempt from two Covid-related requirements:

  • A deposit of USD2,000 upon arrival to Cambodia
  • An insurance policy

These exemptions will not apply to the invitation-only applications or for those who wants to travel for tourism purposes.

Upon Arriving Cambodia 

The Cambodian Ministry of Health requires all foreigners to deposit $2,000 USD upon arrival. Under this scheme, travelers entering the country will have to undergo the following safety and preventive measures which are covered by the deposited amount:  


 Health measures upon arrival Fees
  1. From the airport, passengers will be transferred to the waiting center.  
$5 USD Transfer fee 
  1. Passengers will then be tested for Covid-19. 
$100 USD Covid-19 Test 
  1. Passengers will need to stay at the waiting center or a hotel until the release of the lab results.  


$60 USD per day for hotel accommodation 

(including three meals) 

Note: lab results typically take 24 hours before release   
If tested positive (+)
  1. All Covid-19 positive passengers will be transferred to a government designated Cambodian hospital to undergo medical treatment. 
$225 USD per day for hospitalization (including medical treatment services, meals, and laundry and sanitary services) 


$400 for up to four more swab tests (excluding the ICU or CCU treatment, if needed) 

If tested negative (-)
All passengers with negative results but were in the same group as the passengers who were tested positive will be subject to a mandatory quarantine period of 14 days. An additional swab test will be conducted on the 13th day.  $84 USD per day for hotel accommodation (including meals, laundry and sanitary services, and doctors and security service. 


$100 USD for swab test 

All passengers with negative results and were not included in the same group as the passengers who are tested positive will be required to a 14-day self-quarantine in their home; whereas on the 13th day they will have to undergo another swab test, afterwards get a health certificate declaring that they have not been infected with Covid-19.  $100 USD for swab test 


$30 USD for the issuance of health certificate 



In the event that a patient does not survive the Covid-19 disease, the cremation service charge is approximately $1,500 USD.  

In total, foreigners arriving in Cambodia will expect to pay approximately $295 USD for the health measures upon arrival (if tested negative and is not in the same flight with passengers who tested positive); and at least $1,500 USD for foreigners (despite having negative results) who have been in the same flight with passengers who tested positive. In case the deposit was not completely used, the remaining amount will be refunded to the traveler. 


Acquiring Covid-19 in Cambodia 

Foreigners who may have been experiencing Covid-19 symptoms or have been infected by the virus during their stay in Cambodia should take the immediate precautionary measures: 

  • Isolate yourself and call 115 
  • Proceed to the government-designated hospitals or provincial referral hospitals (below) to get tested and treated. 
  • If tested positive, following the government protocol, you will be admitted to a Cambodian hospital for isolation and treatment. If you’re staying in Phnom Penh or Siem Reap, you’ll most likely be admitted to Soviet Friendship Hospital or Siem Reap Referral Hospital, respectively.  


City/Province Hospital
 Phnom Penh  Khmer-Soviet Friendship Hospital 
National Pediatric Hospital 
Kunthabopha Hospital 
Phnom Penh Referral Hospital 
Kandal  Ang Snoul Referral Hospital 
Prey Veng  Prek Changkran Referral Hospital 
Battambang  Battambang Provincial Referral Hospital 
Krong Siem Reap  Siem Reap Provincial Hospital 
Sihanoukville  Preah Sihanouk Province Referral Hospital 
Krong Pailin  Pailin Referral Hospital 
Beong Khna  Bakan Referral Hospital 
Krong Poipet  Poipet Referral Hospital 
Krong Anlong Veng  Anlong Veng Referral Hospital 
Krong Kampot  Kampot Referral Hospital 
Krong Chbar Mon,Kampong Speu  Kampong Speu Referral Hospital 
SamraongOddar Meanchey  Referral Hospital of Udomeanchey Province 
Krong Preah Vihear  16 Makara Provicial Referral Hospital 
Krong Prey Chhor, Kampong Cham Province  Prey Chhor Referral Hospital 


Here’s a Covid-19 Cambodia Map to know the current number and locations with infected patients: 


This article is for information purposes only. Process and requirements may change at anytime. Please visit for the latest visa-related news.

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