Experts say inland shipping from China to Cambodia is skyrocketing

Experts say inland shipping from China to Cambodia is skyrocketing

An expert from Cambodian transport sector say that freight activities in Cambodia are still operating normally, despite the recent outbreak of Kovid-19 in Cambodia. In fact, since August 2020, the price of freight services from China to Cambodia began to increase, which makes the price of goods imported from China to Cambodia continue to rise for the last four months.

Mr. Sin Chanthy, President of the Cambodian Logistics Association, said on December 2, 2020 that from August, the cost of shipping services from China to Cambodia, prices began to rise to an all-time high, rising three to four times the normal price.

He said the increase in shipping costs was affecting the cost of importing raw materials from China in the domestic market of Cambodia, with prices rising along with shipping costs.

Mr. Sin Chanthy said that the increase in the cost of shipping services from China to Cambodia, as well as some countries now due to the Covid19 pademics. The first outbreak in China caused some Chinese companies to reduce their inland waterway transport business activities, and some staff as well. But so far, China has been able to control the situation in Covid19 since August; Therefore, China suddenly rushed to export goods which caused the export process congestion due to lack of ships, so immediately the cost of shipping began to rise.

He claims that the price is unprecedented compared to the normal time, which is usually $ 600 per container, but now the shipping cost has risen to 2,000. The dollar is tripled. However, it is hoped that the cost of shipping will not last long, with prices expected to return to normal during February 2021 due to the season when China reduces re-export.

Mr. Sin Chanthy said that the cost of shipping inland waterways was increased only from China, while the cost of transporting goods by waterway. From other countries, prices remain normal. At the same time, he said, the cost of shipping goods from Cambodia to China by waterway has also increased, but not significantly. Unlike shipping from China to Cambodia, that is, only doubled.

However, according to the President of the Logistics Association of Cambodia, despite the increase in freight costs from China by waterway, the export and import industry in Cambodia is still going well.

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