Experts say housing demand will rebound after Covid 19

Experts say housing demand will rebound after Covid 19, Cambodia Time

In the Covid 19 crisis, the demand for real estate, including the demand for housing in both Boreys and condominiums, decreased only when there was a crisis. With the Covid 19 Vaccine, Cambodian Real Estate experts expect Demand for Housing in Boreys and Condos to Grow.

Dith Channa, CEO of Lucky Realty, said that once the vaccine is available to the people, the investment in economic activities will increase. At that time, people’s lives also recovered, then the demand for real estate also recovered.

“When living standards improve, the demand for housing, whether in towns, apartments, villas and condos, will recover at the end of Covid19,” he said. 19 And then investment in housing, towns and condos will recover as well.

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An Sothyta, CEO of CBRE, said that when Covid 19 exploded around the world, there was a demand for both rental and sale of condos. In Cambodia, it has declined and turned the trend from foreigners living in condominiums to Cambodians living in condominiums and buying condominiums. Back.

Meanwhile, Mr. Karin Chanrith, Managing Director of a real estate agent in Cambodia, also said that buyers of condominium projects in Cambodia in The Covid 19 crisis saw the majority of Cambodians, unlike before, who were rich in foreigners as buyers.

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