Cambodian property prices rise between 7 and 10 percent per year

Cambodian property prices rise between 7 and 10 percent per year

Experts say the momentum of property prices in Cambodia will continue to grow at between 7 and 10 percent per year, depending on the geographical location.

Real estate and economic experts in Cambodia, Nget Chou, said on November 30, 2020, that many real estate experts have predicted that prices will increase by about 7 to 10 percent per year in the period. The next 10 years.

“It is likely because prices in Cambodia still seem low compared to other countries in Asia,” he said. “What is worrying is that Cambodia may face a housing crisis for low-income people in the future because the current supply of affordable housing in Cambodia does not meet the living standards of workers, because of one house,” he said. It is worth at least $ 25,000. ”

Meanwhile, Ms. Chev Sokhun, President of the Cambodian Association of Real Estate Professionals, once said that when there is a need, the supply is limited. The price is the same when the property is in a location where customers want more, the price will increase.

“We can note that the price can go up compared to other areas, the price can go up to 5 percent, so if the area is in high demand, it can go up to 7 percent or 10 percent,” he said. Original. ”

While some areas are residential, their value increases according to their level. Importantly, in areas where demand is high, property prices are skyrocketing.

The momentum of this price does not reflect the fundamental needs of the economy, but rather the psychological or behavioral attitude of the masses and investors.

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