Cambodian Entrepreneur Reveals Keys to Success in Business

Young Women Entrepreneur Reveals Keys to Success in Business
Young Women Entrepreneur Reveals Keys to Success in Business

Winner of Young Women Entrepreneur of the Year 2017 reveals keys to success in business

Opportunity for starting a business is always there for everyone, but not everyone sees it. For example, some see opportunities as problems, some see problems as opportunities. However, what is seen as more difficult and more important is sustainable business development that is one of the most difficult things for entrepreneurs.

Khy Mony, co-founder and managing director of Amru Rice, winner of the 2017 Young Women Entrepreneur of the Year Award, revealed some tips to help you succeed in business:

Have a clear business plan

A business plan is like a map for a business that can get you where you want to go and business owners should spend a lot of time working on it. When preparing this map in detail before deciding to start a business.

If you do business without a specific plan, sooner or later you will be lost, and it will be difficult to find a way forward. Very fast or prone to risk.

Smart in using capital

Many business owners often face the problem of spending money in the wrong business or so-called overspending. The wrong investment will lead to cash flow problems or a lack of cash flow in operations. Therefore, all your expenses must be made to meet the deadline, that is, spend less but earn more.

Ability to lead

Human resource management is the most important for a business or company operation. Employees are internal customers that we need to take care of, but if not well managed, it can also be a problem. Problems for companies almost every day, too.

Therefore, motivating employees and creating the right structure in the company is the most important element to motivate employees to work happily and lead the company to prosperity.

Be creative

An outstanding entrepreneur is a person who is highly creative, that is, always has ideas to innovate. Khy Mony told that although her company Amru Rice was in the rice business, but she did not think she only sold rice. She always finds a way to make to improve her working environment to make it more productive and attractive for investors.

In this sense, she always has good cooperation with farmers who are business partners and always find rice varieties that other countries do not have it is brought to farmers to grow and export to the market at a high price.

Know well about the inside and outside market

Businesses thrive on the market or customers, so if you do not know exactly who your target customers are, your business will not be easy. Succeeded.

At the same time, you should also have some additional knowledge related to market and global trends to help the analysis. And make positive decisions and have a long-term vision.

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