Buying land with these 5 locations will be difficult to make a profit

Buying Land in Cambodia

If you buy land in these 5 locations, it will be difficult to make a profit and sell it. Land experts say investing in land if bought at the wrong location is not only unprofitable, but can also stagnate money in the area for years. Land that experts should investors beware of:

1. Land near the grave

Even though there are a lot of loved ones when they are alive, when they die, they are always scared and do not want to be close and want to live nearby. That feeling is common in Cambodia as well as in other nations of the world.

2. Land near pagoda

Although the pagoda is a popular place for people to go and is always revered by the people, the people who own the land next to the pagoda fence find it difficult to buy because they feel annoyed by the prayers during the festival. Especially during Pchum Ben.

Land near pagodas is always difficult to sell, difficult to profit and difficult to buy because of the above feelings.

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3. The soil is unclean

Landforms are also an option that land buyers are less likely to want because they find it difficult to plan for development and housing.

Land in such condition and shape should not be invested if you do not want to crash money.

4. Land with narrow road or path

Normally, the land is on a small road and it is very difficult to find because it is difficult to travel, especially in some areas there are large plots of land, but the owners love the land too much, they have narrowed the road so that even cars can not avoid each other.

No one wants to live in an area with narrow roads and difficult to travel like this.

5. Land without road

Some investors venture to buy the last land without access because of the cheap price, but buying such land is very risky because sometimes the front landowner builds a fence or humiliates the landowner who has no way to buy. Available at low prices.

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Therefore, buying land at a low price is very risky if you should not invest in such land.

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