Business in Cambodia: Invest Once, Earn up To 100 Years

SEA Swiftlet Farming in Cambodia

Late of 2020, some people are upset that they want to start a business but do not know what to do? Today, Cambodia Time will introduce you to three types of businesses which you may spend a lot of capital to start or spend little investment budget, but can earn up to several years. The three businesses are as follows:

1. Cocoa business

Cocoa is a crop whose stems and fruits are about the size of a pea, while planting it does not require the soil like durian or other crops. For easy planting, take care of the surrounding medium. The planting period is up to 60 years, from 15 months after the first day of planting, and after three months of harvest, it will begin to grow the next crop.

As for the technique of replanting in one hectare of land, 600 trees can be planted at a distance of 4 meters per tree. Cocoa has great potential and it is one of the modern crops in Cambodia, with Camcao being the first importer to grow in Cambodia.

In an interview with Business Cambodia, Mr. Chean Chanthol, Second Director General of Mondulkiri-based Camcao, said that he started growing cocoa in 2016, with his company planting in Mondulkiri in the Busra waterfalls area.

Through the experience of growing cocoa for 4 years, Mr. Chean Chanthol said that cocoa is an easy crop to grow, easy to maintain, as long as there is enough water source and the planting area has a cool climate can be grown. On the other hand, this cacao can be harvested for many years, planted once, can be harvested for up to 60 years. On the other hand, per hectare of land, the initial planting capital is about 1,500 USD, including the cost of seeds and water system and land preparation. After the planting date until the cocoa is 15 months old, it will start to flower some fruits, but the year that can be fully harvested is the third year, the cocoa will start to produce more from this year onwards. With 1 hectare can earn $ 7,000 per season.

When it comes to marketing, the president of Camcao said that the cocoa harvested from his 30-hectare farm was never difficult to find, and it was impossible to find cocoa. He also confirmed that his cocoa has been exported to Japan, Malaysia and the European Union. These big markets ordered hundreds of tons of cocoa from his company, but he could not afford it.

2. Sugarcane business

Sugarcane is a new crop that can be harvested, has a high market and can be processed for a long time, as this crop has just been imported to cultivate in Cambodia in recent years. Many farmers are now rushing to plant and sell seedlings for cultivation because in the future they want to have seedlings to supply the local market on their own.

In fact, Mr. Pen Kong, Project Manager of “Potpot Plantation” project, said that although seedlings have high potential, this type of crop requires high techniques from seed purification, cultivation, protection, flower breeding, maintenance and how to make high quality fruit.

Seedlings are a weather-resistant and high-yielding fruit crop that is in high demand in both the national and international markets, with many health benefits, as well as a long harvest life of more than 100 years. To keep the fruit for many years, Monychon Ta Ek Co., Ltd. has decided to select this seedling crop for development in Krakor district, Pursat province, and will make the seedling plant a “symbol” in Pursat province.

3. SEA Swiftlet Farming business

SEA Swiftlet saliva is sold in highly price like gold due to it contains many health and beauty benefits that manufacturers can sell. The price of this product ranges from $ 700 to more than $ 2,000 per kilogram. Our neighboring countries are very successful and export in large quantities and have a prosperous life.

SEA Swiftlet Farming

SEA Swiftlet Farming, Cambodia Time

Starting from a capital of $ 70,000 and a good location, such as near the waterfront and near the foot of the mountain, you can build a house with a chance to get a high yield. Moy Lat, who owns a business selling earplugs, said he had been the contractor for many years, with investors from provinces such as Siem Reap and Pursat hiring him.

The owner of the earmuffs business explains that the eel business has to wait up to a year, and in the first-year yields in the hundreds of dollars, until the second year it can raise thousands of dollars a month and more. From this, he compares that a house with ears is like having its own ATM.

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