Bokor City: New Business Opportunities and Attractive Location for Tourists

Bokor City New Business Opportunities and Attractive Location for Tourists

Recently, according to a sub-decree of the Royal Government of Cambodia, the Royal Government has decided to establish Bokor City, Kampot Province. Bokor City now has three communes: Boeung Touk, Koh Touch, and Prek Tnaot, with the administrative location of Bokor Municipality located in Sangkat Boeung Touk. The structure and management system of Bokor Municipality shall be in accordance with the Law on the Administration of Capital, Province, Municipality, District and Khan.

So, what will happen to the Bokor area after the Royal Government decides to establish this Bokor city?

1. Business Opportunities

Bokor City real estate will grow accordingly due to the large number of people living there and the investment as well as investment projects will be there. Whether abroad or domestic, there will definitely be more growth.

2. The growth of tourists

The area of Boko City will be more famous and will attract more tourists to visit there.

If you look back today, a large number of people will know that on Bokor Mountain, there is also the construction of a Borey, as well as apartments, villas, family-style leisure houses developed by Sokha Real Estate Company.

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