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Gender Equality Concepts 

Gender Equality Concepts  Term Definition Gender Refers to the socially constructed expectations, beliefs, norms attributed to girls, women, boys and men which are learnt from families and friends in the home, school, the community, workplace as well as the media, ...

Why is Cambodia in debt with $9 billion?

Why is Cambodia in debt with $9 billion?

Cambodia’s outstanding external debt reached more than $9.18 billion as of the first half of 2021 and is expected to reach more than $10 billion by the year’s end, an increase from $8.8 billion at the end of 2020. The ...

The future of tourism in Cambodia

The future of tourism in Cambodia

The hospitality and tourism industry has been hammered by the restrictions of Covid-19. Khmer Times’ Gareth Johnson spoke with Sivlin Chhay, president of the Cambodia Association of Travel Agents (CATA) as it copes with its biggest crisis since it was ...

3 ways Cambodia can recover from the COVID-19 pandemic faster

Cambodia will benefit from cooperation in three major areas: vaccine deployment, reviving sectors of the regional economy, and building on their close integration into global value chains. For decades, East Asia and the Pacific region sustained rapid economic growth while ...