Best Time to Visit and Go to Cambodia

Time to Visit Cambodia, Cambodia Time

Best Time to go to Cambodia

Cambodia is most beneficial known to be house to Angkor Wat, probably the most stunning spiritual monuments in the globe. But the historic kingdom of Cambodia provides much more to provide to visitors-from sandy shorelines with crystal blue waters to great café lifestyle and historical areas.

Whether you’re intending a trip merely to start to see the magnificent ancient temples or want to explore more of what the united states provides, choosing when to visit here can help you take full advantage of your trip. The optimum time to go to Cambodia is certainly between November and January, as the temperature ranges are lower, there’s little rainfall and spending long days outside exploring is convenient.

Best Season to go to Cambodia

The several weeks between November and January will be the best time to go to Cambodia-they are cooler by Cambodia’s standards, with temperatures in the high 20s Celsius, plus they also fall within the dried out season, which means you won’t need to worry about carrying an umbrella or poncho with you all the time. The complete dry time of year, which lasts until April, is definitely crowded with tourists, so expect hotels that fill up quickly and bumping into lots of other people when visiting the temples.

If you’re planning on touring in the countryside and visiting the parts of Mondulkiri and Ratanakiri to hike to tribe villages, go to an elephant sanctuary, or try jungle trekking, any moment between October and March works. You don’t desire to be captured in the region through the rainy period, as much of the roads are in fact dirt and extremely difficult to go when muddy.

If you’re going to the beach, they are the very best months as well, before temperatures rise significantly in April.

Best Time of year to Visit Cambodia

Depending on who you inquire, Cambodia has either two or four seasons-while some travel specialists divide the weather into dry, rainy, awesome, and hot months, others consider Cambodia’s seasons because dry and rainy, with periods that are either cooler or hotter.

Dry Time of year: November to April is considered the dry season, with minimal rain but humidity still in the 70-80 percent range. Both the sizzling and the awesome time of year fall within the dry season. The awesome time of year, between November and early March, is an excellent time to travel, as you’ll enjoy both lower temps and dry, sunny days. December and January find temperature ranges in the mid-20s, producing them the most famous (and crowded) several weeks to visit.

Cambodia’s hot period lasts from March to May-with April getting the latest month of the entire year, when temperature ranges can simply reach 40 degrees Celsius, and the surroundings are muggy with humidity. That is per month for lounging close to the pool, going to the seaside, or escaping sunlight at the pine forests in Kirirom (about one hour from Phnom Penh), where in fact the color at least brings some comfort.

The Khmer New Calendar year falls in early to mid-April, which results in the complete country shutting down completely and cities becoming ghost towns as the locals keep to go to their families-this means smaller crowds everywhere, but also difficulty booking tours and finding places to look and eat. It’s still sweltering incredibly hot in May, although rains are gradually making their method into Cambodia-this is a good month to go to the mountains as well as your last opportunity to trek through the jungle before it turns into as well muddy and challenging to explore.

Rainy Time of the year: The rainy season starts in June and lasts until October, although the rain isn’t equally distributed throughout the entire season. While afternoon downpours usually provide a welcome break from the heat, they also raise the humidity in the atmosphere, which often stays over 85 percent of these months.

Temps in the rainy time of year stay around 26-28 degrees Celsius. From Might to July, rainfall comes in the proper execution of short afternoon downpours, with August, September, and October getting the most rain.

Trips to the countryside become harder and harder as monsoon season progresses since the many dirt roads become muddy and impassable. One great plus of the rainy season is that this is also low season, which means prices are lower and crowds mostly stay away.

Best Month to Visit Cambodia

January is the best month to visit Cambodia weather-wise-it’s dry, it’s at the heart of the cool season, and you won’t feel like you’re melting as you walk through the temples. On the minus side, these things make January a very busy month, when Angkor Wat is packed with tourists, hotels hike up their prices, and trying to catch the sunset at one of the temples without bumping into hundreds of other people is almost impossible.

To beat the crowds and land great sales, you might want to head out to Cambodia in June. Although technically the first month of the rainy season, June is relatively dry, with the sun shining in between heavy but short showers-the exception being the mountain areas, which receive heavy rainfall in June and frequently discover mudslides and shut roads. The temps stay around 28 degrees Celsius this month, and the humidity hardly gets to 70 percent, which is definitely low for Cambodia.

Best Period to go to Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat is Cambodia’s most well-known tourist destination and the world’s largest spiritual monument. It receives over one million site visitors each year -most which appear after an end in Siem Reap, a town with French colonial influences and the gateway to the Angkor area.

The optimum time to go to Siem Reap and Angkor Wat is through the cooler months, especially between December and February, when temperatures stay in the 20s Celsius, and evenings can actually feel cool, especially if you’re outside of the city. The Angkor Wat temple complex is massive and covers 162 hectares-even a “quick” tour of the buildings will take you all day, and these are the months when being outside for a full day won’t be unbearable.

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A downside of visiting the temples in the cool season is that everybody else will be there, too. Peak season starts in November and ends in March. During that time, tourists (especially in the form of big group tours) can be a nuisance, and trying to take a picture of the temples without 20 other people in the frame is virtually impossible.

Your next best option if you want thinner crowds and cheaper prices is to arrive in March. April is the hottest month of the year, so by March the weather is already warming up considerably, but you still should get temperatures mostly in the high 20s or low 30s, very little to no rain, and less-intense mosquitoes.

Best Period to go to Phnom Penh

Like the remaining country, Phnom Penh is hot year-round, with only slight variations in temperature from every month. Through the hot time of year, which lasts February through May, you may expect a couple of things: temps in the 30s and smaller sized crowds, as people avoid through the hotter, stickier a few months. So if you are after special offers and discounted bundle tours, the popular season may be the best period to go to Cambodia.

Past due November to January will be the coolest months and the optimum time to go to. With hardly any rainfall and immediate temperatures that may get only 22 degrees Celsius, active feel convenient. Throughout the day, however, the temps stay around 26-28 degrees, with humidity around 70 percent.

As the cool season is normally the busiest time for tourism in Cambodia, this seems much different in Phnom Penh than in Siem Reap. Phnom Penh doesn’t receive as many visitors, so despite the fact that the city can be busier in the cool months, it never gets uncomfortably crowded.

The one exception is in mid-November, during the Bon Om Touk or Cambodian Water Festival. The festival attracts tens of thousands of visitors every year, who come to the city for three days of boat races, floating lanterns, and free concerts on the riverbank in the evenings. The festival celebrates the end of the rainy season, and it’s a great way to appreciate the cultural heritage of Cambodia.

Best Period to go to Cambodia Beaches

The hotter it really is in Cambodia, the more folks flock to the soft sandy beaches on the huge Koh Rong island, where in fact the 32nd season of Survivor was filmed. In April and could, both hottest a few months in the united states (with temps that regularly enter the 40s), the beaches on Koh Rong and the quieter Sihanoukville are well-known destinations-while sunlight is solid, the ocean may be the perfect method to obtain a break from the heat and get away the sweltering towns. That is also a great time to check out if you’re searching for bargains, as many resorts are discounted through the hot season.

Cambodia’s best seaside time of year, however, is in December and January, when the slightly cooler temps are able to focus on your tan all night. Koh Rong can be Cambodia’s main summer season vacation resort destination, with 28 beaches that proceed from the popular Sok San (or Long Beach) to the silent, secluded Koh Rong Samloem (Lazy Beach).

During the cool season, the islands see very little rain, and the humidity is much lower than the rest of the year. Temperatures don’t vary much during the day when it’s usually in the low 30s with plenty of sunshine. In the evenings, however, it can drop down to the high 20s.

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