App Ideas for Startup: How Do I Start An App for My Business?

App Ideas for Startup

In today era, some businesses have been started by one man. One man one business is becoming popular in this industry 4.0. He or she can start a business just with a PC with internet connection remotely. If you have idea for your business start up but don’t know how to start, here are 9 business ideas which using mobile app to operate it.

1. Create an “Vegetables/Meat Supply App”

Every day the food problem is very important – people eat three meals a day when buying meat, vegetables from the market every day is a necessary factor, and the supply is not yet in demand, fish, pork, beef, vegetables, all kinds of ingredients. Create an app for customers to order what they want. Delivery to the place. Try to think about how big the source of revenue is, depending on the strength of the market at home and abroad.

2. Create a cooking tutorial app

Do you know that there are hundreds of thousands of families in our country who want to spend less, want to know how to cook delicious food for their beloved husband or husband wants to make delicious food for his wife to build a close relationship with his wife and children? Cooking is always the same, but the recipe is clear, I think very few people know, unless you are a good chef, why do not you create an app to teach cooking, you put a video, Khmer cooking, foreign desserts and pay a Membership 2 months. $ 5 $ 10 $ How many people download the app to watch videos and pay for membership? The future expands abroad !!!

3. Create a “” Materials Supply for Babies and Children App”

Do you know what essentials a newborn baby has to spend? What do children need to have? Create an app on how to take care of babies, consumer goods and children, you can sell in the app, new parents, they need toys, baby food, children, clothes, everything is needed on a regular basis, even I have 4 children Want to supply materials to go shopping for children, if we have everything in the App, the target customers are there regularly, how big is the market size?

4. Create a “Snack/Food For Kids/Adults App”

You can sell everything on the App and the customer eats a lot of snacks, he always goes shopping in the market at the Mart, what if you cooperate with all the shops and make a small profit, how much is a day? Cash flow and orders? You can think of me better, try it.

5. Create a “Daily Supply Home Appliance App”

Home appliances are said to be lacking in almost every home, you try to think if you have an app to supply all kinds of daily necessities, what materials are needed and you can sell in the App to facilitate customers. In search, how much income can you make every day, every month, every year? Is the market size small or large? Depending on the size of your love heart, how big do you want it to be?

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6. Create a “Make Money and Start a Business App”

This is an important factor, everyone wants to make money, everyone wants to make money, everyone has money, some have no income, want to find a job, some have a company but lack skills, some have money, do not know what to put knowledge If you have an app related to business and we focus on the real business (Real Business) to target customers, what do you gain from the promotion of the app and the flow. Cash?

7. Create a “Construction Marketplace App”

In terms of materials, house and construction workers are needed every day, our country is a developing country, the construction of infrastructure is growing remarkably, suppliers of construction materials can get everything at market prices, and orders to you. Every depot and get commission from the order, how can you make money if the construction is so big?

8. Create a “Cleaning App

Speaking of cleaning, cleaning the house, cleaning clothes, cleaning, everything is well prepared, if you have a laundry app in 25 provinces, some people want to clean, want to hurry, just click your app, you can come and clean it and bring it back to him, how fast is the help How fast is your cash flow market? Cleaning the same material, obviously at a negotiable price, today is in need of standard cleaning of both clothes and house and car accessories, the rich have their car washers, their motorbikes arrive at home and build the loyalty of the company, the famous customers talk to each other How much money you make, sometimes he does not have time to remember if you are well coordinated and good service, how much market revenue you capture depends on your honesty, responsibility, speed.

9. Create a “”Skill Teaching App”

What skills do you have? What skills do your partners have? Everyone always wants to learn and have real skills to sustain their lives. What if you have clear skills? What are the skills and goals and create something new to support the operation of your company, how do you make big money?

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