Amusement park development projects in Kampot are pushing up property prices

Amusement park development projects

With the benefit of establishing a development project as a recreation area and leisure house in Kampot province, it has become an important driver in driving real estate prices, especially the land market.

Soy Sinol, director of the Kampot Provincial Department of Tourism, said last week that Kampot currently has a number of construction projects to serve the tourism sector, most of them in the mountains near the mouth of the creek.

“In 2020, we have problems related to smallpox, but for the development of services and construction that serve the tourism sector in Kampot is still every day,” he said. “We have seen a lot of construction and construction under construction in the city and along the canals of Kampot province,” he said.

Mr. Oknha Nuon Ak, the owner of the project to develop a large natural recreation and processing area in the province called “Thansur Kampot” said that in Kampot, there are development projects for recreation, many projects are still underway. Increasingly.

Mr. Oknha continued, “For Kampot Thansur project, which is continuing the construction activities according to the master plan, it has become the largest and most prominent project in the province due to the design and location of the project in the area. There is potential. ” Mr. Oknha continued, “Currently, the professional team has been preparing many different recreational places, including boat rides along the canal, souvenir photography places, mixed flower gardens, especially the large sunflower garden. First in Kampot, which is very attractive.

“Through the improvement of geographical factors, especially the favorable nature of tourism, I believe that in the near future,” Kampot will attract a lot of national and international tourists. “Currently, there are many investors and developers who spend millions of dollars on investment and processing many natural recreation areas.”

Kampot Thansur Development Project is located in Ang Village, Trapeang Pring Commune, Teuk Chhou District, Kampot Province. Tamarind forest, restaurants, resort areas and hotels, which in the future could build up to about 1,000 rooms.

Tang Hour, CEO of AMATAK Property Service, said that in any area, when there is a development plan, the land price is always more or less the same, depending on the size and Types of projects, especially development activities.

“Whether it is for leisure housing development or recreation development, it is an important driver in pushing up land prices,” she said.

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