A Major Chinese tourism developer studying project to develop tourism and culture in Battambang

A Major Chinese tourism developer studying project to develop tourism and culture in Battambang

China’s largest tourism developer, headquartered in Yunnan, is studying the details of a cultural tourism park project. Large in Battambang province with an investment capital of tens of millions of dollars. This is according to the confirmation of the Governor of Battambang Province.

Battambang provincial governor, Nguon Rattanak told on the evening of November 30, 2020 that Chinese companies wishing to invest and establish tourist parks and This big culture in Battambang province has already invested in creating an amusement park in Siem Reap.

“Due to the potential of Battambang in terms of tourism and culture, this large Chinese company also has intends to establish another recreation park while they are currently studying the details of the development project along with the study with the council “Development of Cambodia.”

With this big project, he expressed his pleasure that the company intends to invest in an innovative cultural park for the people. In Battambang province, sightseeing can be visited and for attracting tourists.

He stressed that Battambang is a province that is rich in agriculture, services and tourism, and besides agriculture, this province has many tourist attractions. The place is a kind of processing and nature, especially the construction of many ancient houses, this province attracts many tourists as well as investors. The infrastructure is also chaotic, and travel is shorter and faster.

Mr. Nguon Rattanak expressed his hope that the company will invest in this cultural and recycling park project to appear in Battambang soon to serve Satisfaction of the whole people and to attract more tourists to visit this province because Battambang is a province A perfect place to live, do business and for tourists visiting this province as well.

Before presenting the investment project in Battambang province, the above group invested and developed in Siem Reap province with the approval of the council. Development of Cambodia with an initial capital of more than $ 27 million located on 60 meters of road, Treang village, Slor Kram commune, Siem Reap city, Siem Reap province, which provides 213 job opportunities under the name Angkor Culture Investment and Development Group.

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