7 Things to Consider Before Buying a House in Cambodia

7 Things to Consider Before Buying a House in Cambodia
7 Things to Consider Before Buying a House in Cambodia

Everyone has a desire to live in a warm family home. Buying a home should not be taken for granted. Buying a house should also be considered carefully to avoid regrets. Here are seven things you should consider before buying a house in Phnom Penh, Cambodia:

1. Buying a House In the Central of City or Capital or Urban Area

The location where you live is in the middle of the main areas of Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia and a commercial area. Some areas are rich, the main areas in the city are mostly near: supermarkets, hospitals, schools, entertainment venues, commercial areas, especially near government offices. Indeed, Daun Penh, Chamkarmon, Toul Kork, etc. are all known as areas that provide a variety of living.

2. Buying a House Near Shopping Markets

Travel is an integral part of everyday life and it really makes life more meaningful. So if you live in a location that is close to many supermarkets, it is really good. Not only is it better to be close to the arts and culture center.

3. Buying a House Where You Can See the Scenery

Living in a house that allows us to see the beautiful scenery, especially those who live by the river, really makes life more fresh. Or in a city center that allows you to see the city clearly.

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4. Buying a House: Getting Access to Transportations

Living near a bus station or public transport, etc. Your home is very good. Live in abundance and travel easily.

Phnom Penh Royal Palace Complex
Phnom Penh Royal Palace Complex

5. Buying a House Near Food Stores or Restaurants

Clusters of restaurants and cafes Work hard or want a fun get-together, so living close to restaurants, cafes is also a part of living. It states that a good location is rich in food and entertainment.

6. Buying a House Near Schools

The school is close to your home for families with young children to go to school, so ask if the location where you are living is close to the school? Just a short trip to school means you really live in a place that is conducive to both your children’s living and studying.

7. Buying a House Near Famous or Popular Buildings or Locations

The identity of the city Do you live near the Independence Monument or Wat Phnom Penh? Usually, if you live near a location that is one of the identities of the city, it is definitely a sign that your location is the best. Make sure you look for a home that is in the best position for a better life.

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