6 Things You Need to Know To Be successful in Selling Products Online

6 Things You Need to Know To Be successful in Selling Products Online

Ms. Long Chantrea  is an online product distributor who started out as a small distributor, developed into a large distributor and became the best seller of the year for almost 2 years.  Ms. Long Chantrea said that selling products online, if you know only one, it is not enough to be successful, there must be many factors involved in it to get us success in this area.

The 25-year-old successful online affiliate marketer revealed that what makes her successful in the field of online sales at this time is because she knows these six things:

1. Product selection

Of course, choosing a product to sell is the most important thing for everyone who wants to sell products online, because there are so many products on the market, so do not know which one to buy. Everybody knows that no matter how old or young they are, they always play Facebook, so when they see a product that is popular, they can buy it and try it out. Ms. Chantrea further stated that the selection of products will be selected products with standards of hygiene, quality and safety to customers.

2. Self Factors

When we sell, we must have self-confidence, do not sell after others, do not use strong feelings, which means that seeing people want to sell after selling, we must think positively about ourselves and think that if they can do it, we can do it. This is the most important factor in motivating us to work hard to make it successful.

3. Factors posted on Facebook

Related to this Facebook posting factor, some people post pictures of selling products through Facebook and Boost Page. For new sellers, most of them do not know how to Boost Page, but most of them focus on Facebook, in which she, one of the best sellers, divided the post on Facebook into 3 times: Morning, noon and night. And in that post, for sellers of multiple products, do not post mixed, because it confuses customers, means that we have to post only one product and write a short message to attract you. Take an interesting look at our products. In addition, we need to have short videos about the product, as well as taking photos of imported and exported goods on a regular basis.

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4. Sales and purchases

At this point, it is very important because when we sell items, it is the most attractive part if we post items on our social network Facebook. For example, Ms. Vatey sells a lot of products, but she did not post on Facebook, while Ms. Chantrea also sells the same items, but she took pictures and posted on Facebook, and we asked if they looked From the outside, which one is the best seller? Certainly. Miss Chantrea, as they have been seen posting activities to buy and sell her products and be able to attract more members. That means that even if he sells out, if he does not post the item, it is as if he did not sell out.

5. Customer care

For her part, she said that selling with a heart and doing everything is done with love and full of heart. And at this point, we need to consider the health and safety of guests as our own safety. Example: If we do not dare to use the product and believe and we sell to customers to use, but we are clear that we use this product to be good quality, standard and safe for customers, we sell to customers. And most importantly, the response to the customer means that all the questions and problems he asks must be answered to him appropriately, explain the product clearly.

How to Sell Products Online

How to Sell Products Online

6. Develop yourself

At this point, whether you are poor or rich, working or self-employed, if you want to succeed and have a truly prosperous life, you must constantly develop yourself and strengthen your knowledge and skills to get better day by day. Because only self-development can make our work and business grow in the future.

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