4 Best Tips for Real Estate Developers to Boost Property Sales

4 Best Tips for Real Estate Developers to Boost Property Sales, Cambodia Time

When considering selling a property, one should consider to find the right real estate agents to work with. Find a professional, highly ethical, market-aware and licensed sales agent from the Ministry of Economy and Finance. The real estate agents are highly professional, highly ethical, market-aware and licensed sales agents from the Ministry of Economy and Finance, who can immediately arrange to sell your property. Highly effective, has a wide range of advertising, has a wide network of contacts and has customers waiting to buy.

The following are the procedures that a real estate agent must follow:

1. Real estate sales and appraisal consultation

The real estate owner’s biggest point is “How much is the property and how much can it sell for?”

The first step is for the real estate agent to inspect the quality of the location and the environment around the property, then evaluate the property.

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The real estate agent will explain the details of the expenses at the time of the transaction, such expenses include fees, attorney services, law transfer services, annual property tax, stamp, property tax, other services, etc.

2. Contract to apply as a sales and advertising agent

Once the sale price has been determined, the real estate agent will make a request to sign a contract with the seller. The contract is divided into two categories:

  1. Exclusive Listing Contract: Signing an Exclusive Sales Agent, the real estate agent will actively promote how to sell the property as soon as possible.
  2. Non-Exclusive Listing Contract: Signing a non-exclusive sales representative contract will not be widely publicized for fear that the property owner may ask other agents for help.

3. Negotiation and preparation of sales contract

When the sales agent has a customer, who is interested in purchasing the agent and prepares the letter of offer that the buyer provides, then the negotiation process is started when the seller and the buyer agree on the price. After the sale, the real estate agent will arrange the deposit contract or set the time to sign the sale contract. Other conditions to be discussed include payment method, transfer of ownership, responsibility for payment and specific delivery time. Acquisition of real estate may also have other conditions.

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Once the seller and the buyer sign and thumbprint the contract of sale of the property, the buyer pays the first installment to the seller according to the contract. Each party then has to exercise its respective rights and obligations in accordance with the contract of sale, if there is any violation of the contract, penalties may occur. In the meantime, if you have any questions, you can ask the real estate agent at any time.

4. Final payment and delivery of real estate

The handover of the property will be repeated when the final payment is completed.

The final payment and receipt must be doubled as follows:

  • The final payment must be made in the presence of the seller, buyer, witness, real estate agent and attorney
  • Final Receipt Contract
  • All necessary documents related to real estate
  • All keys
  • Pay commissions to real estate agents, attorneys and other agreed services.

Things to remember:

Please check and confirm that the utility, internet, cable TV invoice, and other invoices have been paid and all the property adjacent to the neighbors is clearly divided to make it easy to dismantle or repair.

Lateral costs may be borne by the seller or the buyer, subject to initial agreement between the seller and the buyer.

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