3 Tips on Managing Your Personal Finance from the CEO and General Manager of Manulife Cambodia

Mr. Justin Helferich, CEO of Manulife Cambodia
Mr. Justin Helferich, CEO of Manulife Cambodia

Mr. Justin Helferich, CEO of Manulife Cambodia  shared some tips with young Cambodians on how to manage their personal finances. Three tips from the young CEO of Manulife Cambodia Life Insurance Company on how to manage and manage your personal finances include:

1. Establish protection first and earn extra wealth

Make sure you have financial ownership for people who are dependent on you, and especially for yourself. Prioritize yourself and your loved ones.

2. Saving money

You should have a reserve that can be used within 6 months in case of any urgent or emergency work. Should try to use their money on investments or assets that seem to be safe for their assets. In the event that your income is disrupted, you may have a reserve budget to use.

3. Investment

Invest your money wisely and weigh the risks. You should also increase your wealth while saving for retirement. In the context of saving and investing, the sooner you can start, the sooner you will get a return on your life. Harmony and buying something else.

In addition to managing his personal finances, Helferich also called for simultaneous health care. He added that health is the main thing for young Cambodians, including a proper diet, adequate sleep and regular exercise. This is the time to focus on both financial management and savings, as well as health care.

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