3 Tips: How to Quit Your Job to Start a Business

How to Quit Your Job to Start a Business - Cambodia Time

Many people are stuck with the paycheck and dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur in the future. However, the dream is still a dream because there is no proper reason for them to break free from the paycheck, that is, fear of suffering when there is no salary.

In connection with this headache, Mr. Som Sambath, Founder and CEO of Cam-Paint, revealed the three best ways out there that he has successfully implemented while working for them. Here’re 3 Tips on How to Quit Your Job to Start a Business

1. Work with goals

The entrepreneur and speaker said that if you want to be a boss like someone, you should join the company because only the boss you want to be like him can teach you. Most. Work must have a goal and set a time to make it clear and not just think about the salary, must think about the development of self-growth.

2. Work like a boss

In this sense, Mr. Som Sambath gave the example that if the boss does something, he also wants to work like the boss, and when the boss looks tired of negotiating with customers, he will ask the boss to meet instead. This not only gives him the opportunity to communicate with others, but also gives him the opportunity to learn to be a boss without running out of money, because before going to meet guests, the boss told him a lot about how to negotiate and Encourage guests and he also has the opportunity to practice.

Mr. Som Sambath explained that most of the employees who work for them are afraid to work for their boss, and on the other hand, they always feel lazy because they think that their boss pays them the same salary. So like it or not, they will always be their children.

3. Seize the opportunity to secede

At this point, Mr. Sambath stressed that when we work as an employer and we meet and negotiate with people who have ideas and money, we will have the most opportunity to break out of the pay chain. Missed. Because people who are ambitious and have a good personality, everyone wants to do business with us.

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