3 Main Sources of Incomes from Rice Farming

3 Main Sources of Incomes from Rice Farming in Cambodia

Cambodia has a large area under rice cultivation. Cambodians throughout the provinces of Cambodia rely on farming as a main source of income to supply the market. While rice farmers in Cambodia grow rice in almost every province. It is believed that some Cambodian rice farmers only making income from selling rice, regardless of the fact that in addition to selling rice, they can earn income from many other sources. Here are three other sources of income that farmers can earn besides selling rice:

1. Selling Straw

In the past, our Cambodian farmers, when they harvested rice, collected the straw in the fields to feed the cows, and some even left the straw to rot in the fields, but now there are farmers some Cambodians understand and know the benefits of straw, so they collect and store it, while collecting straw for sale is not enough if we look abroad like Thailand. A company based in Thailand buys straw from farmers to be taken to a processing plant for export to India, and India uses the raw material made from that straw to be processed into boxes and dishes are like foam plates.

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2. Selling Husk

Rice husk is another big source of income that you have to know in the past, people who have a rice mill, when grinding rice, another raw material that comes out of rice husk is some people sell the rice husk to traders with cheap price. Some people leave the husks without doing anything, however, you forget to think about another point that the husks can be processed into charcoal, rice husk charcoal which can be sold for high price compared to unprocessed husks.

3. Selling ticket for visiting rice field

Believe it or not, most of you have never thought of it and thought it was impossible, but what we thought was impossible would have been possible if we had recycled it. Obviously, as you already know, the fields are beautiful and the air is fresh, and you can imagine how good it would be if we could turn it into a field recreation’s place. Surrounded by rice, there is delicious food for tourists to eat, and this is another opportunity that we can earn money by selling tickets to visit the rice fields.

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