13-year-old Alina made millions of dollars with her Candy Business

young billionaire, alina Morse

How 13-year-old Alina made millions of dollars just by doing this. Alina Morse was born in 2005 in Michigan, USA. She is the founder and CEO of Zolli Candy, a well-known healthy candy company in the United States, who was just 13 years old. She became a young billionaire with a personal wealth of about 2 million US dollars.

Candy, also called sweets or lollies, is a confection that has sugar seeing that a principal component. The category, known as glucose confectionery, encompasses any lovely confection, which includes chocolate, nicotine gum, and glucose candy.

And the reason why this young founder came up with the idea to start this company is because when she was 7 years old, she was banned from eating candy by her father because eating candy can cause her tooth​ decay. Because of this ban, Alina wanted to make a candy bar that would not hurt the teeth of other children.

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It wasn’t until 2012 that Alina began to make this candy recipe online for two years before she was able to make this world-class candy. In this creation, Alina also met with you. A food scientist and her own dentist to ask them to help as well. Satisfied with the courage and creativity of this small entrepreneur, they agreed to work with her until they were able to find a candy recipe that does not cause tooth decay. Bacteria that cause tooth decay.

After finding a great formula, she used all of her savings of $ 3,750 to capitalize on it, including additional support from her father. Was able to form a large candy company called “Zolli Candy” and her candy was first sold online and in the Whole Foods Market.

Because Alina’s candy is unique in that it does not cause tooth decay and even kills bacteria in the mouth, her candy has become very popular with customers. The best-selling in the world to date.

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Alina Morse currently has a personal fortune of $ 2.2 million. And her company has grown tremendously, with its products now sold on many popular websites and sold in about 25,000 supermarkets and stores in the United States. In addition, her products are also sold to many countries such as England, China, France, Korea and many other countries.

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